Cross-cultural awareness is vital to companies wanting to establish themselves in overseas markets effectively and quickly. Usually it is not practical to learn a range of local languages - especially if you are a small exporter without a long term relationship with the region or any particular country within it. However, an understanding of commercial and cultural issues is of enormous benefit because you are then sensitive to the thinking and attitudes of your clients, and you will be able to understand the issues from their perspective.

Minster's cross-cultural training programs are for oil, gas and petrochemical equipment suppliers wanting to penetrate the European and Middle Eastern markets. Each program is bespoke and tailored to the needs of our client.

The Minster presenter will be a European with many years experience in your industry - so the presentation not only covers cross-cultural issues in great detail, but it goes right into the specifics about your products, who in the markets might be your customers, and how you reach them.

A proper awareness of business and cultural customs in overseas markets is essential to success. Recent studies have shown that up to half of staff postings overseas end in failure because the secondee or their family has not understood or adapted to the local culture. A company operating overseas using local representation can be in an even worse position if it fails to take account of local business and cultural customs, and much money will be wasted from fruitless travel, time and effort.